Chocolate de Amatller 72 gr.

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A truffle interior made with Marc de Cava, covered in 50% chocolate. 



8,50 €


Marc de Cava is the result of the distillation and further aging of certain elements of the grape used to make cava.

The result is a combination that is fresh and light but with character, which brings together the volatile freshness and woody taste of Marc de Cava with the toasted notes and creaminess of cocoa.

Presented in assorted metal boxes whose design features old promotional objects from the Amatller brand.

Aromas of cocoa with a touch of sweet tobacco, from which emerges the intense taste of Marc de Cava liquor, with toasted and nutty notes against a spicy background, creating a harmonious mixture where the aromas reinforce each other. Creamy texture, with warm touch. Excellent persistence.   

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